The new moon in Scorpio offers us the energy of power and rejuvenation. Women are being called to awaken and rise as leaders to rebirth our world. The medicine of the feminine, the innate gifts within each woman, are needed for the evolution of the human family.

One major component of this feminine reclamation is the sacredness and power of our sexuality. For thousands of years, our bodies, our biological functions, desires, and emotional wisdom have been shunned, shammed, commoditized, and therefore abused. Due to this, both men and women are often out of balance sexually.

Sexuality is the central source of our creative life-force energy, and it can fuel any intention we wish to create in the world. We can use our sexual energy to amplify our intentions and heal ourselves and our world  — and when we heal our relationship to sex and sexuality, we become powerful creators and manifestors.

That is what this theme is all about — sexual liberation for personal and global transformation and healing.

I’m hosting a new moon circle on Monday, November 16 at 12 pm CT in my Facebook Group.

It’s intimate.
It’s live.
But it’s not a commitment.

I’d love for you to join the group and join me.

One of my favorite things about these new moon circles is the ease, grace and love that manifests when we do it together.

I hope you’ll attend if you feel called because we are truly all in this together.

Sister Queen, it’s these little actions that lead to the big changes, so if you’re struggling, feeling bogged down, I would love for you to join us because we have all been there.

No obligation.

Just ready to find your balance.