Who is The Radiant Queen? She’s the merging of…


  1. Radiant Wealth… making some Real Money! A radiant queen attracts the finer things in life.
  2. Radiant Sensuality… BEING your Sexiest Self.
  3. Radiant Heartreturning to your inherent wholeness and sovereignty.
  4. Radiant Passion… creating your Fiercest Life and claiming your authentic voice.
  5. Radiant Soul… manifesting your deepest dreams and desires. 

These five cornerstones combined go beyond the sum of each of their individual parts. 

When these radiant pillars are fully alive, pulsing, and harmonious; your life truly radiates at its highest capacity for your empowerment, healing, and fabulousness.

Today, I want to talk more about the Radiant Heart. What does it mean to have a Radiant Heart?

For me, it means being vulnerable, having unconditional love for the Self, allowing (vs. controlling). It means transmuting old wounds and looking for safety within — not without. It means igniting that Heart Fire so what wants to be birthed in your life can come through.

What does it look like when one isn’t operating from a Radiant Heart? 

It looks exactly like my life used to look. Burnt the hell out, struggling, frustrated with everyone and everything, loss of purpose, and always looking for validation outside yourself.

Some of the thoughts and feelings that go along with this:

  1. Burdened by others wants
  2. Exhausted – like the fire has gone out
  3. Numb
  4. Resentful
  5. I don’t matter
  6. There’s never enough time for me!

We’re often taught that self-care and self-love equate to taking a bath and having some chocolate.

While those things are wonderful, real self-love means opening your heart and seeing what’s really there—transmuting any wounds that need to be transmuted, igniting whatever fire needs to be ignited—not only for yourself, but for all the people you love. 

It’s about letting go of old stories and programming that have filtered your memories and the way you see the world. These stories impact everything: memories, and present life, become distorted through this filter. 

There’s a lot of power in letting go of your old story, with humility. When you do, you see yourself differently. Your heart becomes radiant. 

And having a Radiant Heart is the only way you can say YES to the Temple of your Queendom.

The doors to Radiant Heart open soon. If you’re ready to remember your wholeness and sovereignty, I’d like to invite you to join the waitlist here to be the first to know about the program.