For the woman who is ready to boldly claim her crown…

If you’ve ever felt:


  • Confusion about your next steps or what options you have
  • You second guess your abilities
  • As if you are lacking purpose
  • Like you’d rather drink a chalice of poison than feel your deepest emotions
  • That anxiety and stress are a constant in your life
  • That you want to help others, but you don’t know how
  • Insecure and unhappy with your body/appearance
  • Like something is missing and you know you’re meant for more
  • You crave deep, meaningful relationships, but they are nonexistent in your life


The Radiant Queen is waiting to be unleashed within you…

We as women are leading a new stage of evolution on the planet right now. Millions of women have evolved beyond achievement and success being the guiding principle of their lives, to a much higher impulse to self-actualize and participate in social transformation.

When you step into your own inner Radiant Queen, you can…

  • Express your authentic presence and be visible, seen and known
  • Attract and create growth-oriented relationships where you are loved unconditionally for who you are and fiercely supported in who you are becoming=
  • Discover your genius and gifts and contribute these to others in meaningful ways
  • Create a thriving livelihood that’s aligned with your values to live in a field of prosperous flow, having more than enough to take care of yourself and your family as well as to be generous and contribute to causes
  • Express your creativity and manifest your desires
  • Radiate health and vitality
  • Deepen your spiritual connection and live in alignment and partnership with a higher power
  • Make the world a better place and empower others into their greatness.

The Radiant Queen archetype is the key to igniting your power and stepping into these higher possibilities.

Who is the Radiant Queen?

The Radiant Queen is re-emerging in our collective consciousness. She is being birthed in a potent new way, guiding us in these modern times so that we can come home to ourselves and take a stand for who we truly are.

The Radiant Queen is calling you. She is asking that you place your crown upon your head and join your sister queens in council. It is time for a new way of being in heart-centered, interconnected, Divine Feminine leadership.

She has healed her wounds of separation and she knows that while she is sovereign and powerful on her own, we all must merge together and celebrate our sisters if the collective is to rise.

There is no competition, no scarcity in this new paradigm – there is room for all of us to rule in this Queendom in collaboration with each other.

A radiant queen stands true in her authentic voice, who she knows WHO she is – a total embodiment of her own passion, sovereignty and power.

She is connected deeply to her own soul, to everything that is.

She knows how to magnetize all of her desires to her, to enjoy the finer things in life, simply by showing up as who she truly is.

She radiates divine beauty, vitality and health, oozes class, sensuality and sparkle from every pore.

She is balanced in both feminine and masculine energies.

She has activated her light codes, she has full access to her divine gifts.

She leads with love – unlike the outdated archetype of the ‘cruel, intimidating, harsh’ Queen – and compassion for all of her people.

What it Means to be a Contemporary Queen

This contemporary Queen – the Radiant Queen – asks us to sit upon our thrones in active communion with all, while revolutionizing the world with Divine Feminine leadership.

She is waiting for you to step into her Queendom and rule – boldly, fiercely, powerfully but with a deep sense of divine reverence, grace, compassion and love.

Hi, Queen! I’m Kimmberly Wotipka

I am a Spiritual Advisor, Sacred Possibilities Mentor, and International Bestselling Author. Most of my life has been devoted to a spiritual journey with many wise teachers and teachings, both Western and Eastern, as well as Norse Seiðr and the mystery tradition of Transformational Mediumship.

My vision is for every woman to become all she was created to be and step into her Divine Mission.

I know all too well what the voices of confusion, fear, and chaos each sound like. Not too long ago, I found myself with a business I had outgrown, a failed marriage, an empty nest, and no place to call home. While I was searching for my own sovereignty all I could think was, “What next?”

From those experiences, I learned that constantly seeking the place I belong outside of myself had been exhausting and draining. It was through the process of my own transformation that I discovered what was keeping me stuck all that time and that led me to begin implementing everything life had trained me for up until that point.

It is by unleashing YOUR unique power, that you unlock the solutions within YOU that our world needs, especially at a time such as this. Your spiritual Self with a capital “S” is an inner source of love, of intelligence, of wisdom, of creativity, of inner direction and purpose. My purpose is to help you build a relationship with these higher energies to support your greatest work.


I believe so deeply in healing, change, love and transformation that I live and breathe it on a daily basis. I know that we all have this power to change our lives – I’m living proof that it’s possible! I want to share this knowledge with everyone and I am so committed to helping you transform mind, body and soul.

All it takes is showing up and making the first step towards claiming your throne!

I can’t wait to get started in helping you learn the tools to carefully craft a radiant life you love.

Get A Taste of What It Is Like to Embody The Radiant Queen With The Queen's Credo

A guide to help you unlock the principles you need to embody to claim your throne


Radiant Wealth

You attracting the finer things in life without stress.

Radiant Sensuality

You stepping into and embodying your sexiest self.

Radiant Heart

Your return to inherent wholeness and sovereignty.

Radiant Passion

Your creation of your fiercest, most authentic life.

Radiant Soul

You manifesting your deepest dreams and desires.

Shamanic Astro-Numerology

Your divine mission starts by utilizing the divination arts.


“Before my Radiant Life session, I felt emotionally drained, unbalanced, and anxious. Tasks were piling up and I felt like I was unable to relax my mind and center. After my session, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I highly recommend Kimmberly. Now I am more focused, able to redirect my energy, and feel balanced. Life happens, and the session drew me closer to my awareness, focus, calmness, and ultimately a healthy physical, emotional, and mental state of being.” – Angela

“Kimmberly took the time to explain and answered all my questions. She pointed out things that I know I need to work on to achieve more balance but I hadn’t addressed yet. She also explained how to care for myself after our session. I would say the next day I really felt the shift in energy. I felt more calm, and energetic. I also felt clear and inspired. A few days later she followed up with me, which I thought was a caring touch. I would recommend Kimmberly and I will be back for more sessions!” – Jessica

This is the right step for you if:

You are ready and fully committed to transforming and elevating your life to live in divine radiance and happiness

You are seeking guidance and practical steps you can implement to reach your next-level goals

You are ready to do the deep internal work and shift your entire being on a cellular level

You are ready to break through your glass ceiling once and for all

You understand that in order to transform, you need to take a wholistic approach — addressing mind, body, and soul 


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